Areas of Interest

AVEO is interested in collaborating with potential partners who share our vision for cancer drug development and positively impacting patients’ lives. AVEO is building a fully integrated oncology company with an infrastructure to support the future potential commercialization of our oncology product pipeline, and we seek collaborations that align with our development and commercialization strategy. We remain interested in opportunities to co-develop, in-license or acquire investigational cancer compounds for which the application of our Human Response Platform™ and expertise in cancer biology and genetics may provide unique insight and a competitive edge in development. We are open to discussing collaboration and in-licensing opportunities if there is a significant interest in a particular target or class, shared vision for the program and a strong strategic fit. Interested parties should direct inquiries to

  • AVEO Product Licensing Opportunities

    AVEO is actively pursuing a pipeline of antibody programs designed to produce inhibitory antibodies against important cancer target classes and pathways that have been identified using AVEO’s proprietary genetic screens. In addition to leveraging our Human Response Platform technology for target identification and validation, we have also developed unique discovery capabilities and tools to facilitate generation and selection of optimized antibody therapeutics.

    This novel approach to antibody development has lead to a strategic partnership focused on AVEO’s ERBB3-targeted antibody program with Biogen Idec. AVEO has several additional antibody programs that are currently un-partnered, including:

    •  Ficlatuzumab (AV-299), our HGF inhibitory antibody currently in Phase 2 clinical development
    • Our FGFR2 (AV-369) and FGFR3 (AV-370) inhibitory antibodies, which are in discovery and nearing development candidate selection
    • Our Notch1 (AV-323) and Notch3 (AV-353) inhibitory antibodies, which are in discovery and nearing development candidate selection
  • AVEO Technology Platform Collaboration Opportunities

    Across AVEO’s internal drug discovery and development programs, along with our partners’ programs, we apply our proprietary Human Response Platform in multiple ways to improve drug discovery and development:

    • Target Identification and Validation: Identifying and validating candidate cancer-causing genes that are most important to tumor growth.
    • Drug Discovery: Enabling the development of unique target-driven tumor models that allow for selection of the most potent and promising drug candidates.
    • Biomarker Identification: Enabling the identification of genetic markers, or biomarkers, which may help select patients who are more likely to be responsive or resistant to such drugs by leveraging the naturally occurring genetic variation and the resulting divergent sensitivity to anti-cancer drugs across our tumor archives.
  • External In-Licensing Opportunities

    As evidenced by our partnership with Kyowa Hakko Kirin, in-licensing is an important mechanism by which AVEO has built a diversified product pipeline. We continue to search for and evaluate highly specific / targeted therapeutic opportunities which may complement our existing pipeline. In addition to compounds with attractive intrinsic properties, AVEO is particularly interested in candidate therapies for which the application of our technology platform could offer the potential to derive unique insights into patient selection that may help inform clinical development and create differentiation from competitors.

    We also remain committed to accessing the best technologies and tools to support our research and development efforts. To supplement our own technology platform and capabilities, AVEO has entered into various license agreements in order to access advanced tools for drug discovery.