Investigator Sponsored Research Support Program

AVEO Oncology is committed to supporting investigator-sponsored research that contributes to the scientific and medical understanding of our products and relevant disease areas, and which enhances the practice of medicine, ultimately improving patient care.

Investigator Sponsored Trial (IST) refers to submission of an unsolicited clinical trial proposed and sponsored by an Investigator at a hospital, medical center, medical school, private foundation, private practice, group practice or government-sponsored research network.

IST submissions are accepted on a rolling basis by AVEO Oncology. An internal review committee evaluates the IST submission based on certain criteria including, but not limited to, scientific merit, safety, legal and ethical considerations, financial commitment and alignment with AVEO’s overall strategy.

AVEO Oncology may withdraw support if a Sponsor-Investigator fails to comply with applicable legal or regulatory obligations or provides false or misleading information in the submission.

Areas of Interest: Tivozanib

  • Combination studies with novel agents being developed for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma.
  • Select patient groups with solid tumors (other than renal cell carcinoma) where there exists both a high unmet need and rationale for VEGF inhibition.
  • Biomarker driven studies using immunological, histopathological, or genetic evaluations of disease to select patients for treatment with tivozanib.
  • Usage of tivozanib relative to other small molecule TKIs, mTOR inhibitors – optimal sequencing to maximize response, treatment duration and/or safety.
  • Real-world data analysis of patient experience with tivozanib in RCC relative to other available small molecule TKIs/mTOR inhibitors, by prognosis, line of therapy, duration of usage and/or safety. Proposals should describe the expected number of patient records available for analysis.

How to Apply:

  1. Send email to to receive IST submission form
  2. Complete IST submission form and attach required documents
    1. Study Proposal
    2. Primary Investigator CV
    3. Preliminary Budget
  3. Submit IST form and required documents to
  4. AVEO Oncology will send an email notification acknowledging receipt of submission within 5 business days
  5. Incomplete submissions will not be processed until all requested information is received